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Ribat - The story so far


As a community focused Institute we have come a long way in the space of six short years, primarily because the needs of the community have informed our growth; be that educationally or community wise. We have now reached a stage where we cannot take on additional community initiatives, or further educational projects, until we acquire a place that you can all call home: Ribat House. 


Through Ribat House, we aim to provide the community with a sacred space by engaging the human heart. Central to the human experience of life is the idea that one’s heart be at peace, firstly with itself, and then by extension, with its surrounding. Our entire vision grounds itself on the idea that to make hearts whole once more, we need to understand the centrality of such sacred engagement.




Our fundraising effort has provided us with the basis to serve the community. Acquiring the means to build Ribat House strengthens our ability to further build and serve the community at large. We hope that Ribat House will provide, amongst other things: 


• Community space

• A coffee house 

• Swimming Pool

• Montessori nursery 

• A soup kitchen

• Quiet garden space 

• An adventure playground

• Sports and recreational facilities 

• Classrooms for our educational programs

• And more…




Our longer term goal is to move toward an economic model of self-sustainability through establishing various endowments. But, to reach this goal, we need to reach out to you: The Community.


To date, Ribat’s Fundraising drive has raised £114,440. To bring the vision of Ribat House to fruition will cost in the region of £1.8 million for which we initially need to raise a deposit of £350,000. Above all else, only providential care will see the project through; it is left to us to want to be part of that process. 


The very word ‘community’ derives its being from the word ‘common’; that to really be a community by its very nature means to have a commonality of purpose. We believe our common purpose to be nurturing the human heart, by trying to make whole modern man’s fragmented soul. 






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