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Adult Education

We run a 40 week program, across three trimesters. Smartboard technology is employed and students receive tailored texts, produced by the institute and specific to the discipline studied. The courses covers modules in Qur'anic recitation, Arabic language, Arabic grammar, Prophetic biography, Jurisprudence, Theology, Prophetic traditions, Prophetic qualities,  Spirituality & Ethics.


An advanced Arabic component also caters for advanced students undertaking the study of Arabic grammar and texts in upper-intermediate Arabic language.  Note ALL classes are offered free of charge. 


New! Hanafi Fiqh

Shaykh Sohail Hanif


A new course with Shaykh Sohail Hanif is Hanafi fiqh, commencing with purity and prayer, before moving on to other legal chapters. Shaykh Sohail has a long history in teaching and specialises in Hanafi jurisprudence.


Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Saturdays 5:00pm to 6.00pm

Course fee: free

Course Instructor:  Shaykh Sohail Hanif


Qawa'id al-Aqai'd: Imam Ghazali

Shaykh Yasser Qureshy


A unique chance to study chapter one of Imam Ghazali's basic text in creed for all Muslim of all backgrounds. The course instructor Shaykh Yasser Qureshy (Ribat Trustee) is eminently qualified to teach this text and is currently undertaking PhD in Philosophical Theology.

Please note all adult classes at the Ribat Institute are now free to one and all. 


Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Saturdays 6:00pm to 7.00pm

Course fee: free

Course Instructor:  Shaykh Yasser Qureshy

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New! Riyadh al-Salihin: Imam al-Nawawi

Shaykh Yasser Qureshy

A new weekly course working through Imam Yusuf Nabahani''s abridgement of the Riyadh al-Salihin of Imam Nawawi (r). A excellent chance to study with Shaykh Yasser and walk through the gardens of the righteous. This course is now free of charge! 

Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Saturdays 7:00pm to 8.00pm

Course fee: free

 Course Instructor:  Shaykh Yasser Qureshy



Arabic Through the Qur'an

Shaykh Abdul Karim Morris


A weekly course with the inimitable Shaykh Abdul Karim Morris (a firm favourite with all students!). He is working in a style unique to him to open up the meanings of the Quran (and certain prophetic traditions) using poetry, grammar, rhetoric and a lot of fun (although not for the week hearted). If you are serious about Arabic and specifically Qur'anic Arabic, then take from someone serious about getting you there. 

This course is now free of charge!

Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Saturdays 10:00am to 12.00pm

Course fee: free

Course Instructor:  Shaykh Abdul Karim Morris

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Arabic Conversation Classes

Shaykh Hilal al-Shareef (Syria)

An excellent chance to study conversational Arabic with a native Arabic speaker. Shaykh Hilal Shareef bring humour a warmth to the lessons, and the small size class forces one to speak! NB. To attend this class you have to have a minimum study of 6-8 month of Arabic study to benefit, hence it is not for novices. 

This class is now free of charge!

Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Sundays  9:00 to 10.00am

Course fee: free

Course Instructor:  Shaykh Hilal Shareef


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Prophetic Biography

Shaykh Faiz Qureshy


A new course looking at the biography of the greatest man to walk the planet - Al-Mustafa (S). An essential course for any student of knowledge to bring context and meaning to ones life. 


Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Saturdays 6:00pm to 7.00pm

Course fee: free

Course Instructor:  Faiz Qureshy


Academic Year 2016-2017



Course timetable 




Tajwid: Level one (male)                                              1.00pm - 2.00pm

Instructor: Mustafa Darr


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Tajwid: Level one (female)                                           12:00pm - 1.00pm

Instructor: Mustafa Darr


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Tafsir: Level two (male & female)                                  10.00am - 12.00pm

Instructor: Abdul Karim Morris


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Arabic Grammer: Level one (male & female)                  5:00pm - 6.00pm

Text: al-Ajerumiyya

Instructor: Faiz Qureshy



Arabic Language: Level three (male & female)                7.00pm - 8.00pm

Text:  Qisas

Instructor: Faiz Qureshy

Prerequisite: Al-Kitab al-Asasi book two or equivalent



New : Prophetic Biography (male & female)                     6.00pm - 7.00pm

Text:  In-House

Instructor: Faiz Qureshy






Trimester Dates



Trimester                                  From                           To


First trimester (15 weeks)       08 Sept 2018             16 Dec 2018
Reading weeks                            17 Dec 2018                 4 Jan 2018

Second trimester (14 weeks)   05 Jan 2019               07 Apr 2019 

Reading weeks                             08 Apr 2019                26 Apr 2019

Third trimester (11 weeks)      27 Apr 2019              14 Jul 2019 


Location of classes


Current classes are held at Woking Sixth Form College.


Woking College Rydens Way, Woking, Surrey GU22 9DL


Location map  Click here


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Past Classes/Lectures


Etiquettes of Sacred Knowledge

Umm Iman


A new 4 week course looking at the importance of the etiquettes required in the acquisition of sacred knowledge, including benefits thereof, why in essence, a student should tread the path of knowledge and more.


Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Sundays 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm

Course Instructor:  Umm Iman 


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Book Of Assistance

Faiz Qureshy


A new course in Spirituality looking at thirty-two foundational chapters which underlie the science of the heart. Chapters include reflection, vigilance, kindness, certainty, hope, fear, divine love, gratitude, renunciations & more.


Course Text: The Book of Assistance

Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Saturdays 6-7 pm

Course Instructor: Faiz Qureshy 


Course Poster  


HAJJ - 13 week short course

Faiz Qureshy


A short 13 week course covering the rudiments of Hadj law. Interactive sessions covering, pillars, obligatory acts and sunna. All rulings, expiations and how to enhance ones Hadj. Q&A sessions throughout.


Course text: Safinat al-Naja

Location: Woking College

Day & Time: Saturdays 5 - 6 pm

Course Instructor: Faiz Qureshy


Theology: al-Ma'rifa 

Ustadh Yasser Ahmed


In sha Allah we will be commencing a new monthly course in theology (aqīda) whereby students will undertake the study of the text al-Ma'rifa, by Shaykh Abdul Karim al-Rifāi'i (r). The lessons will be once a month, and the course text will be provided. This course augments the first theology course that the institute ran, hence students who attended the first course are recommended to attend this course, however no prerequisite knowledge is required, and thus new students/beginners are more than welcome. Details are;


Course text: al-Ma'rifa | Certitude

Location: Woking College - Room 85

Day & Time: Saturdays 1.00 pm 

Dates:  Jan 17 & 31, Mar 14 & 28

Cost: £27.00

Course Instructor: Yasser Ahmed 


NB. This a monthly course | Register


al-Muhaddithat: The women scholars in Islam

enhancement lecture series


As part of our enhancement lecture series we are pleased to announce a unique one-day course in Woking with Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi.


The book to be covered is an adaptation of the preface (muqaddimah) to Shaykh Mohammad Akram's 57 volume biographical dictionary (in Arabic) of the Muslim women who studied and taught hadith. It demonstrates the central role women had in preserving the Prophet (S) teaching, which remains the master-guide to understanding the Qur'an as rules and norms for life.


Course poster


Date: Saturday 7 April 2012

Time: 10.00am to 6:00 pm (GMT)

Location: Woking College, Woking, Surrey

Course fee (including lunch): £25 or £20 for students/unemployed



A Time for Change - Shaykh Jamal al-Din Hysaw

enhancement lecture series


As part of our enhancement lecture series all students are invited to attend an on-line lecture with Shaykh Jamal al-Din Hysaw. This one-off lecture will take the place of the regular hadith slot.


Time: 7.30 pm (GMT)

Location: Woking College, Room 85.



New Course - The Lives of Man - Imam al-Haddad

Shaykh Yahya Rhodus (US)


New monthly online course with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus. The course text will cover one of Imam al-Haddad's most important works. The subject matter will look at the various stages that mankind traverses, from the realm of pre-conception, the life of this world, the interspace (barzakh) & finally the end abode of Heaven of Hell.


To register contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course poster


Day: Saturdays

Time: 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Location: Woking College


New dates to follow shortyly (for this academic year);


Lesson 1 - 19th November 2011

Lesson 2 - 10th December 2011

Lesson 3 - 7th January 2012

Lesson 4 - 4th February 2012

Lesson 5 - 3rd March 2012

Lesson 6 - 14th April 2012

Lesson 7 - 6th May 2012

Lesson 8 - 9th June 2012

Lesson 9 - 7th July 2012


Course fee £40 for the first 9 lessons.



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