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'We at Ihsan look forward to having a fruitful relationship with the Ribat Institute..' Issa Ghalie Sesay - West Africa




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In November 2009 Fa'iz Qureshy, Educational Director, visited Sierra Leone and engaged in a program visiting the various praiseworthy projects that the Ihsan Foundation are operating throughout the country including orphanages, schools, meat distribution to the poor, Qur'an schools and medical centres.We are committed to assisting Ihsan in their lofty aims and continue to support the excellent work they are doing.


For further information go to the Ihsan Foundation 

Ebola Prevention - 21 Day Campaign


Ebola doesn't wait, neither should we.


The Ebola outbreak 2014 is the largest in history, with 3431 casualties to date. Five people are infected every hour in Sierra Leone alone with devastating effect. Alongside this the crisis means food prices are soaring  and the livelihoods of uninfected people are increasingly difficult, in what is already one of the poorest countries on earth.


Our partners in West Africa, have been contacted by government authorities in Northern Sierra Leone for help in supporting Ebola orphans. They have first hand experience of the effects of Ebola, having two nurses, who helped at the Ihsan Community Clinic in Sierra Leone tragically die of this disease. Read more>>


What we can do?  Mobilise the activists, your work colleagues, and all other community members to do small fundraising initiatives (bake sales, sponsored walks etc) for the following;


1. Supporting preventive education and supplies for a village/community of 100 people: £1550 ($2500.00)


2. Supporting restorative therapy for an Ebola patient/one month: £19 ($30)


3. Supporting a person quarantined at home, and undergoing tests for Ebola: £19 ($30) for 1 month


To donate online click here or our bank details are here.


Please put the reference as follow your name_Ihsan e.g john smith_ihsan


What is Ebola?


Qurbani | West Africa


We are pleased to offer the opportunity for the ritual sacrifice (Udhiya) during the blessed month of Hajj with our partners Ihsan Foundation in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Benefits include; 


1. Animal bought locally, sustain local farmers.

2. All sacrifices will be performed during the days of Eid.

3. The meat will be distributed to the needy then and there.


You are helping the needy at a critical time during the Ebola outbreak. 


You can pay for a sheep (per person) or share of an cow/ox (per person) here! 

Ihsan Foundation Zakat Appeal 1435 | 2014 


We are pleased to announce by the grace of the All-Merciful over £8000.00 was raised in Zakat and Sadaqah funds for the Ihsan Foundation. We feel this is a fantastic effort on everyones behalf, and pray Allah accepts these efforts in the blessed month of Ramadan.


Shaykh Faiz has been there personally, and given his first-hand experience of the dire situation in Sierra Leone we know what a difference this will make to them. May Allah gaze upon one and all with a gaze of kindness, amin.



Orphan Sponsorship Scheme


The Prophet (s) said, 'The sponsor of an orphan and I are like this in Paradise.' He then joined his middle & index finger. 


Following the end of the rebel war 10,000 were orphaned in Sierra Leone. The Ihsan Foundation launched the One-to-One orphan sponsorship program in 2004 and support orphans across West Africa. We are now working in partnership with Ihsan to get UK sponsors to sponsor an orphan in West Africa. For just £20 per month you can sponsor an orphan. All sponsors will receive details of the sponsored orphan, a photograph.


To date our community has sponsored 17 orphans, exluding the money sent towards the general orphan benefit fund.  


Anyone can also give a on off donation to our 'general orphan fund'. For further details contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your chance to help...


Campaign poster

Letter from the Chairman



11 weeks...£11,000. Transport endowment (waqf)


By God's grace many kind donors came forward to assist in this project & £11,800 was raised by God's help. We have transferred the funds and the response from Shaykh Issa Ghalie Sesay (Ihsan, Sierra Leone) is below;


I am overwhelmed with joy and offered special Shukr to Allah for inspiring you and your colleagues in the dawa efforts the world over. May Allah in His infinite mercy graciously bless your endeavors and place this effort in your scale and grant you the highest of His Aljanah. Please convey our heartiest felicitations and gratitude to all who in diverse ways have made this venture a success. Please remember us in your prayers for Allah's guidance and protection towards achieving our goal...My best regards to you and all at Ribat Institute, UK.

Sheikh Issa Ghalie Sesay
Ihsan Sierra Leone


The project was to raise £11,000 in 11 weeks for the Ihsan Foundation for the purchase of a transport endowment, 24 seater bus to aid them towards sustainability in financing their various charitable & humanitarian projects (including orphanages & literacy & relief programs).


See the photos here!


Click here for an information flyer



Zakat distribution


We raise zakat and sadaqa funds for Ihsan to distribute to our brothers and sisters in West Africa. We have seen, first hand, the excellent job Ihsan are doing in distributing funds to Muslims in this war ravaged part of the world. By the grace of God, through your kind efforts we raised £13,644.50 this year. The work has only just begun... 





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