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Majid Khurshid Chairman


Majid Khurshid has been employed within the Sales and Marketing sector, with over seven years professional experience working on behalf of a number of leading email security, helpdesk and telecommunications companies, working with both the public and private sectors. He has also been an active member of the SJM youth education committee and has over three years experience in organising, managing and delivering grassroots projects, specifically educational and social programmes. He lives in Woking with his wife.



Rahan Qureshi  Secretary | Project Management


Rahan Qureshi is a foreign exchange trader who works for an Investment bank in London. Since leaving college, he has been working in the financial industry for over 7 years, here in the UK and abroad. He is an active member of the community assisting in various educational & community based projects. He lives in Woking with his wife and two children.


Hamid Masud  Treasurer


Hamid Masud, BA (Hons) CIMA is the director of Managed Security Solutions, a global solution provider to corporations, both within the private and public sector. He has fifteen years experience covering a vast array of spheres, including business management and process, strategy design and planning L/T and M/T, resource planning and financial planning and budgeting. Currently he is active in supporting his son’s football team, and also the Woking and Maybury Sport & Social club, where he has sponsored a number of football teams. He lives in Woking with his wife and three children.


Yasser Ahmed Qureshi Educational Consultant | Trustee


Yasser Qureshi began his initial religious education at the Abu Nur institute in Damascus, Syria. Initially he studied the one-year Arabic language program & thereafter for a further two years of the Arabic and Islamic Studies program. Whilst there his primary studies were supplemented with private studies in various disciplines. On returning to the UK he completed an MA in Islamic Studies from SOAS University & is currently studying a PhD in Divinity, at Cambridge University, focused on the formative period of Ash'ari speculative theology.


Nai‘m Khan  Community & Technical Support


Na’im Khan has worked with the electronics sector, with over fifteen year’s experience. He then moved into the IT industry, where he currently works. He has several years experience organising, coordinating and delivering various community based projects, primarily with Shah Jahan mosque, and other community and voluntary organisations.



Consultation and Advice


Umm Iman  Education


Umm Iman, DipHE completed her education in Management Systems in 1997. She worked for Hewlett Packard before a change in direction, by spending the better part of 8 years abroad, undertaking the study of various Islamic disciplines, in Syria and Yemen. Whilst abroad she was involved in, and co-ordinated the establishment of an innovative Qur’an school, specifically for girls.  She is actively involved in the pedagogy of children, as well as facilitating various community programs, such as arts and crafts and sporting activities for children.


Nasir Qureshi Finance


Nasir Qureshi, BEng (Hons) completed a degree in Civil Engineering in 1994. He subsequently pursued a career in IT and Telecommunications, and has over 15 years professional experience within the private sector; working with clients including Ericsson, British Telecom, Virgin Media and Etisalat. Nasir has accumulated a wide range of skills, ranging from support, trouble shooting, technical infrastructure and strategic management in the technical sphere. He lives in Woking with his wife and child.


Faiz Qureshy  Educational Director


Faiz Qureshy, BSc (Hons) completed a degree in Management Systems in 1997. He subsequently worked in IT, including as a network analyst for the Dell Corporation, before changing direction to study various Islamic disciplines abroad for the better part of 8 years. He studied in the University of Damascus, Syria, and also in Dar al-Mustafa, Yemen. He has taught for the Greensville Trust and Crawley Education Institute, and has carried out pastoral work for the Prison Service. He worked for almost three years with long-term sufferers of mental health illnesses, and is currently employed to undertake spiritual and pastoral care in Broadmoor High Security Hospital.

Abdul Wahid Majid  Communications


Abdul Wahid, BA (Hons) completed his degree in Design Studies in 1998, and has subsequently gained over 15 years experience working on projects for a number of corporate and small and medium size businesses. He spent nearly eight years working for the youth service as youth worker. Ill health forced him to stop work but he has continued his voluntary activities. He has volunteered for a number of organisations, including Shah Jahan Mosque and Woking Fairtrade Action Network, and has served a local charity, Hashim Welfare Hospital Appeal, as a volunteer designer, for the past ten years. He lives in Woking with his wife and three children.


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